Logo & Graphic Design

Make your website stand out with eye catching graphics


Website Graphics

Logo and graphic design are integral part of any websites design as well as being important in establishing your brand identity. By using the latest software techniques we can provide eye catching logo's and graphics that will aid the effectiveness of your website. In addition we can provide Flash animations to add interactivity and colour to your site.

Logo Design

Your company logo is vital part of your business whether that's in the online or offline world. Your logo sends key messages about your company and establishes your brand identity.

Our graphic designers work with you to make your ideas become reality. Whether your logo is purely for a website or it will adorn the side of your van we make logo's that best represent your company.


Graphics play an important role in any websites appearance. Not only do they make a sites look and feel appealing to visitors but they are also a great way of providing information without overwhelming the user. Good quality graphics therefore are extremely important in improving the effectiveness of your site.

Flash Animation

Adobe Flash is the no.1 source for animated content on the web. As a feature rich application, Flash allows you to deliver dynamic & engaging experience to your site visitors. The use of Flash powered content has proven to:

  • Increase online sales by 30%
  • Stay on your site longer
  • Recommend the site to others
  • Return more often
  • Reduce contact centre/telephone agent calls up to 20% annually
  • Increase conversions, cross-channel sales, and upsells by up to 40%