Online Marketing

Online marketing is essential for the success of any website. Whatever the service or purpose of your site, it can only achieve it by being seen. By using online marketing techniques we can help your site deliver the right results for your company.

What does online marketing entail?

Online marketing encompasses a variety of different fields all designed to promote your site. These include

As Search engine optimisation and Google AdWords are dealt with elsewhere we are just going to focus on the remaining marketing services we provide.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an increasingly important part of everyday lives. Whether it is via sites such as Facebook & Twitter or the new Google + offering, the impact of social sites is huge. This form of social interaction with users can drive huge benefits simply by making your company more accessible to them. And what makes this form of marketing so effective is that you get a real time feedback from clients/customers.

Local Marketing

While the web allows your services to be viewed by billions of people around the world some of your most important customers will be local to your company. By utilising local marketing techniques you can take advantage of your locality to draw in extra business.

PPC Campaigns

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can be a great way to get your business extra recognition. Services such as Google AdWords & price comparison sites can drive traffic to your site, which should lead to increased sales. However if you do not manage your PPC campaigns correctly you can soon find yourself with a bill of several thousand pounds and only minimal improvement in your sites effectiveness.

Our PPC experts offer insight and experience to best manage your PPC marketing campaigns so that you get maximum return on your investment (ROI). You have total control over the budget for these projects and can adjust your targets at any time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to target your campaigns to specific individuals or groups. Whether you're sending out a weekly newsletter to established customers or emailing potential clients, a professional informative email is a very effective marketing tool.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate ad campaigns have become a very big part of online advertising. Using established brands they send traffic your way via links to your site. The cost of this service is governed by an agreed commission for specific actions, such as per sale. This can be far more effective than PPC if managed correctly.

Directory Submissions

Listing your site on the myriad of web directories is useful in driving new traffic to your site as well as impacting your site's SEO performance. Our SEO experts use their knowledge & experience to judge what directories are worthwhile listing in and which ones to avoid.