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A key part of delivering effective SEO (search engine optimisation) is having the right content. If you have a well designed website that contains unique and relevant content, then the chances are Google will like your site. As Senior Developer at Google, Maile Ohye recently stated: "In a nutshell content is king".

Relevant Content

Most people make the mistake of ignoring the importance of good content in delivering high quality traffic. It's not enough simply to post pictures, a small blurb, and the pricing of the item you are selling. In order for your intended audience to find your products or services and read your page versus your competitor's, you need every page of your site to be focused on providing detailed, useful information that a customer would search for in the process of making a purchase/conversion decision.

A website that provides good content will deliver results in four key areas.

  • Brings more targeted visitors
  • Engages the reader
  • Promotes the likelihood of quality links from other sites
  • Increases search engine rankings and traffic

Brings more targeted visitors

Targeted visitors are the aim for any website whatever the field. No-one wants web traffic that is completely unrelated because it brings no gain to the website. In fact it has a negative impact in that firstly it will cost more in hosting fees & secondly visitors who do not stay on your site for long indicate to search engines that your site is not relevant.

Engages the reader

Engaging site visitors has two significant effects. The first effect of content that engages the reader is that they will remain on your site for longer. Visitors who stay on a website are regarded by search engines as perhaps the most important recommendation because it is saying this site is relevant to the search term used. So when your website has a low bounce rate (i.e. one where visitors do not navigate away from the site) then it is receiving constant approval from the people that matter, the general public. This results in your website improving its search engine ranking. And just as important as that factor, if visitors remain on a website they are more open to purchasing something from the site.

This is something a lot of websites neglect to consider & instead focus solely on gaining web traffic. The ultimate goal is converting that web traffic to sales & good quality content is a big part of achieving that aim.

Promotes the likelihood of quality links from other sites

Good quality links to your website from other sites is another important factor in achieving a high search ranking. However to get good quality links you need to have a website worth linking to. This is particularly important in today's social media age where people are constantly linking to sites. If your website does not generate enough links it will have a detrimental effect on your web ranking.

Increases Search Engine Ranking & Traffic

The key effect of creating relevant and unique content is that it will boost website traffic. Search engines are constantly striving to provide the most accurate results for its visitors. They do this by measuring a websites suitability through a variety of factors. Among the most important of these is the relevancy of the site content. Search engines decide this by looking at the links a site generates, the bounce rate, the page content etc.

As has been outlined above all of these factors are interlinked and no one solution will help boost your search engine ranking. However what underpins making an improvement in each of these areas is that of having unique and relevant web content. It is the starting point of delivering a high quality website that is liked by site visitors as well as search engines.

Long term benefits of SEO Content

The benefits of optimising your web content to ensure a high search ranking is something that will yield continual rewards. Unlike PPC campaigns, like price comparison sites or Goggle Adwords, you don't disappear from search results as soon as you've stopped paying for the privilege. Furthermore in a recent study, Google found that searchers were 72% more likely to click on a natural listing rather than a pay-per-click advert. A high search ranking is something that your website will benefit from for good with the right approach.

So if you're serious about attaining high search engine rankings then SEO Content is vitally important in reaching that goal.