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Welcome to the new re-designed Qssdesign.com website

We've been busy working away at the new Qssdesign.com website & we can finaly reveal it in all it's glory. It's been a long time coming, mainly because we're busy doing client work but fotunately that does pay well. We're pleased with the end result and hopefully the new design will appeal to you as well. The main criteria in designing the site was to simplify the navigation system & make it easier for site visitors to find the information they're looking for.

In this post will run you through the changes we've made to the site, the new website structure and our reasoning behind making these changes.

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Qssdesign website blog


Our website blog will be an opportunity for us to provide comment, tips & news regarding web design, seo work etc. Plus we'll use this space to update you on goings on at Qssdesign.com, whether that's particular projects we're working on or interesting approaches we've taken to a specific design issue. Hopefully what we have to say on all things website design related will prove to be useful information for you. But we don't want this blog to be an abstract space simply about Qssdesign and therefore would very much appreciate your input & feedback on anything posted here as well other material that you may feel is relevant to this blog.

From time to time we may also touch on wider technology related news that may be of interest to you. We will also provide useful links to website design related sites & other articles that should be relevant to what we do at Qssdesign.com. As this is our first blog post we've decided to keep it a brief & so we'll end it there (don't want to scare you off after your first visit) but hopefully we'll have more interesting blog posts in the near future.

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