Google AdWords

Effective online advertising via the world's most popular search engine


Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is a targeted form of online advertising that delivers real time results for all types of businesses. With Google responsible for over 90% of all search traffic in the UK, Google Adwords is a great way of reaching wide audience almost instantaneously.

Pay Per Click

Google AdWords operates via a pay per click method. This means you only pay if someone clicks on your ads. While this may sound like an expensive option, if you manage it correctly the costs can be very reasonable. There are no minimum spending requirements - the amount that you pay for AdWords is entirely up to you. You can set a daily budget as well as a maximum cost for each click on your ad.

Built into any AdWords campaign is an easy tracking option so you can measure the success & effectiveness of your ads. You can view conversion statistics, click through ratios and landing pages. All of which provides real time results so you can alter your ads to gain maximum effectiveness.

Benefits of Google AdWords

The obvious benefit of Google Adwords is that you can be on the first page of Google within minutes of opening your Adwords account. As well as control over costs, Adwords allows you to choose your own keywords and region to target.

  • Reach 90% of internet users
  • Gain instant Google positions
  • Choose your own keywords
  • Create your own ad
  • Manage your budget
  • Targeted reach
  • Ads are relevant to search results
  • Track conversions
  • Make instant changes to assess conversions

All these features make AdWords an invaluable tool in promoting your website and services.

Our Google AdWords Services

Our Google AdWords services are designed to get the best out of your advertising campaign. We use our know how & experience to deliver well written effective ads that promote your business. Our Google AdWords services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Well written ads
  • Create dynamic titles
  • Managing your budget
  • Conversion tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Provide daily reports
  • Monitoring your results

To get the maximum out of your Google AdWords campaign call one of our Adwords specialists today.